Well the month of March is winding down, and it sure has taught us a lot about Muslim identity – particularly that of women. From Abu Essa Gate to Alice in Arabia, March has truly been a memorable month for women’s history – especially Muslim women.

To commemorate Women’s History Month, we collected photos of Muslim American women. This project was inspired by a Buzzfeed article called 44 Stock Photos That Hope To Change The Way We Look At Women compiled by Ashley Perez. We’ve compiled thirty-two images. One for each day of March, plus another because no one month can contain the awesomeness of Muslim Women.

These images show the status and the importance of Muslim women in our society. Muslim women are liberated, educated, and play the most important roles in our society.

Update(7:30 pm EST): The purpose and intent of this article is not to showcase the ethnic and racial diversity of Muslimahs. No one article can do that. We meant to express the diversity of the roles Muslimahs play in society and to begin to re-frame how they are thought about. Going forward we will make sure to be all inclusive.


(1) Saba Chaudhry Barnard – Professional Artist (If you looked at the featured image for this article and thought it was awesome, that’s because SHE painted it!) (Photo credit: Noor Iskandar)

Courtesy of Saba Bernard


(2) Ameena Mirza Qazi  – Attorney and Civil Rights Advocate

Courtesy of CAIR-LA


(3) Maryam Amirebrahimi – Religious Scholar, Speaker, and Writer

Courtesy of Maryam Amirebrahimi


(4) Sarah Kureshi – MD, MPH Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine 

sarah haiti2


(5) Zainab Ismail – Professional Fitness Trainer at Nadoona Fitness

Courtesy of Zainab Ismail


(6) Amal Sayedi – Full Time Mother, Part Time Student

Courtesy of Amal Sayedi


(7) Sadia Naeb – Professional Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist

Courtesy of Sadia Naeb


(8) Dina El-Nakhal – Civil Engineer

Courtesy of Dina El-Nakhal


(9) Aliyah Mohammed – Professional Journalist

Courtesy of: Aliyah Mohanned


(10) Ayah Koleilat – Dental School Bound Soccer Talent

Courtesy of Ayah Koleilat


(11) Fatima Ali – Professional New York Sous Chef

Courtesy of Fatima Ali


(12) Frankees Samad – Professional Fashion Designer

Courtesy of Frankees Samad


(13) Fatima ElKabti – Optometry Student

Courtesy of Fatima El-Kabti


(14)  Khadija Abid – Aspiring Violinist

khadija Abid

(15) Sadia Saifuddin – First Ever Muslim University Of California Student Regent Designate

Courtesy of Sadia Saifuddin


(16) Lena Khan – Professional Film Director and Producer

Courtesy of Lena Khan


(17) Sabah Azam – Professional Photographer at Sabah Azam Photography

Courtesy of Sabah Azam


(18) Sara Hassan – Educator and Coach

Courtesy of Sara Hasan


(19) Reem Suleiman – Student and Free Spirit

Courtesy of Reem Suleiman


(20) Lula Abusalih – An Educator with a Ph.D in Education

Courtesy of Lula Abusalih


(21) Nashwah Akhtar – Communication and Public Diplomacy Student, and Artist

Courtesy of Nashwa Akhtar


(22) Fatima MekkaouiFashion Fighting Famine Model

Courtesy of Fatima Mekkaoui


(23) Hosai Mojaddidi – Inspirational and Religious Speaker, Co Founder of Mental Health For Muslims

Courtesy of Hosai Mojaddidi


(24) Fatima Salman – Educator and Inspirer

Courtesy of Fatima Salman


(25) Bihter Ozedirne – Integral Member of Google’s Legal Team

Courtesy of Bihter Ozerdine


(26) – Kulsoom Abdullah– Competitive Weight Lifter

Courtesy of Kulsoom Abdullah

(27) – Sherrel Johnson – Community Relations Manager

Courtesy of Sherrel Johnson


(28) Rawan Kaddoura –  Social Work Intern, Teacher, and Refugee Tutor

Rawan Kaddoura

(29) Noor Hussein – Student and Saxophone Enthusiast

Courtesy of Noor Hussein


(30) Mariam Naguib – Student Athlete

Courtesy of Mariam Naguib


(31) Taqwa Abdallah – Entrepreneur and Owner of Taqwizzle’s Cakes

Taqwa Abdallah


(32) Barbara Hassan – Clinic Office Supervisor – Adolescent Division

Barbara Hasan



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