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All the graphics are from the site Visualizing Palestine, a site dedicated to creating informative and impactful graphics about the occupied region. Check out many more of these images on their site

1. The Forced Exile of The Palestinian People vp-an_ongoing_displacement-en-20130514  
2. Maintenance of the Occupation vp-aida-oslo-final-2013-10-11
3.  Continued Displacement and Destruction vp-demolitions-2012-08-31



4. A Pattern of Violence and Aggression vp-violence-timeline-2012-11-23_0
5. Illegal Detention vp-admin-detention-final-2013-10-17  
6, 7 & 8. Segregation of Resources   gaza_water_rev1_aug28 vp-west-bank-water-2013-03-21 vp-olive-harvest-final-2013-10-10

9 & 10. Segregation of Travel segregated-roads-2012-05-28 vp-bus-2013-03-04_0 11. The Wall vp-icj-final-20130725   Like this article? Check out: 5 Reasons Israel Is An Apartheid State (Video)
7 Ads That Show the Reality of the Israeli Occupation A


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